In this article, you will learn the Top 8 problems faced by Pakistani students while learning the English language.

The English language is spoken throughout the world. Languages such as English are common across the globe.

It is very difficult for people to communicate with other people without language. Using a language to communicate and share thoughts is essential.

First, I would like to talk about the importance of the English language in Pakistan before I go into the problems faced by students.

Importance of English language in Pakistan

Pakistan’s national language is not English.

Urdu is the official and national language of Pakistan, and people who live there can speak various languages such as Punjabi, Sindhi, Pushto, Urdu, and Saraiki.

A total of 74 languages are spoken in Pakistan.

Urdu was declared Pakistan’s national language by Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah after Pakistan’s independence. Furthermore, he places a great deal of importance on the English language.

All over Pakistan, English is taught at every school level and at the university level as well.

Since English is the international language, it is of great importance to the people of Pakistan.

The majority of Pakistani students want to study in foreign countries. Fluently speaking English is necessary for survival in foreign countries.

The English language is not the mother tongue of Pakistani people. English is a second language for Pakistani students.

Students work hard to learn the English language as a second language.

In a child’s development, learning their mother tongue is incredibly easy since there are no grammar rules associated with it. Parental language is the only language they hear from their parents, so they learn their mother tongue.

However, it is important to learn a second language. These people put in a lot of effort and face many challenges. It is very difficult for a second language learner to pick up English.

Throughout this article, I will explain the problems Pakistani students face in learning the English language.

Top 8 Problems Faced by Pakistani Students in Learning the English Language

From school to university, students in Pakistan study most of the subjects in English, but they rarely speak the language fluently.

After 16 years of studying, some students are still unable to speak fluent English because of a lot of reasons and difficulties.

The purpose of this discussion is to cover all the problems and challenges students encounter when learning English, as well as possible solutions to those problems.

1. An unpleasant study environment

In order to learn English, the environment plays a very important role.

During English language learning, students commonly face this kind of difficulty. Disturbing and irrelevant surroundings undermine the learning process of the English language.

English learners usually do not feel comfortable in the classroom environment.

While some students are talking to one another in the classroom, other students become distracted.

Controlling the class environment and preventing disruptions are key responsibilities of a teacher.

Students need a comfortable, safe environment where they feel free to ask questions and learn new things. Teachers must ensure the environment promotes these feelings.

In order to learn effectively, the environment needs to be conducive to students’ comfort. If the environment is conducive to learning, then students are more motivated to learn.

2. Speak a diverse range of native languages in the classroom

Students from Pakistan face this kind of problem most often in English language classes.

In rural areas, most of the students who are learning English speak their native languages.

Since they are used to speaking their native language during the class, they speak their native language rather than English during the class.

Learners of the English language face this challenge the most. This causes them to be unable to focus on English. Consequently, English learning is ruined.

3. Students are not serious about their studies

Some students don’t take their study of the English language seriously. They aren’t interested in studying English.

It is due to the force of their parents that they have come.

It is clear that these students are not comfortable with the English education system.

By not taking their studies seriously, they disrupt the other students by making noise in the classrooms and during lectures, which causes them to become disturbed and all the English learning process to be ruined.

4. English Language Teachers Who Are Not Qualified

Students find it difficult to learn the English language when they are taught by an unqualified teacher.

Usually in Pakistan, English language teachers lack the qualifications to teach the language.

Teachers are often hired unqualified or unspecialized in the English language to save money at schools.

They don’t understand how to teach English to students, so they do it the wrong way.

Thus, the students do not learn properly, and their English language process is ruined.

5. The dependence of students on teachers

Generally, Pakistani students rely on their teachers for their education. It is not up to them to do anything by themselves. As they are told by their teachers, they do what they are told.

Occasionally, teachers don’t explain to students what they need to do or what is expected of them.

In this way, students don’t learn more. Their learning is limited to what their teachers teach them.

6. Class strength

Learning the English language is also difficult because of the strength of the class. The students get distracted and can’t learn if the class is overpopulated.

Moreover, teachers cannot manage the high number of students in their classes and cannot instruct appropriately.

As a result of the high number of students in each classroom, they disturb and make noise during lectures.

The process of learning English falls apart.

7. Following the wrong syllabus when teaching English

In Pakistani schools, colleges, and universities, learning the English language typically does not have a prescribed syllabus.

For the study to be effective, teachers must be trained, the curriculum should be appropriate, and the environment must be conducive to learning. In the absence of one of them, learning cannot take place.

For English language learning, or any other education, we need a syllabus.

8. Parents Don’t Encourage

In learning the English language, this is also one of the most common problems students encounter.

They are not encouraged or supported by their parents in their learning of English. Their child is kept busy with a variety of tasks.

In other words, they force them to work for money and do jobs.

Children must be encouraged and supported by their parents to study and learn what they want to.

All the problems I mentioned above are the problems the students face when learning English.

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