Starting a new business is like creating a new way of life for yourself and for many others. Business not only demands your skills but also demands to know about How to get funding for a Business Idea and also too much hard work with tolerance.

So in this article, I am going to explain How to get funding for a Business Idea in 2024I will mention the ways by which you can boost up capital for your business idea and fulfill your dream.


70% of the businesses fail mainly because of the lack of hard work and tolerance. These are the things that matter the most.

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In 2024, every second person is coming up with an excellent business idea. But as it is said;

“idea has no value, but execution does”

No matter how excellent your idea is, the only thing that matters is How to get funding for a startup business and to Execute the Business.

For the proper execution of your startup or business, you need skilled staff, you need a workspace, and many other things that your business demands.

In a nutshell, you need funding for a business, you need strong financial support to establish your business and good relation with business investors.

How to get funding for a Business Idea in 2024?

There are multiple ways and opportunities by which you can get funding for your business idea.

Not every business idea gets funded because no matter how big your idea is if its execution is not worthy enough you will never get funding for business startups.

As it is said;


Sometimes there are so many opportunities but you are not suitable enough for that opportunity. So if you want your business to get funded, do something unique and different that creates ease for your targeted audience.

Here I am going to mention the ways by which you can create multiple opportunities for your businesses to get investment for your business :

ways to get funding for your new business


“stay self funded as long as possible (GARRETT CAMP)”

Money investing in your business for starting a business is a great option although it is risky enough. The other terms used for Self Funding are Self Financing and Bootstrapping.

Self Financing your business, you gain much more control over it. You will have 100% ownership.

You will be the only decision-maker for your business. You will be the only person responsible for profit and loss.

People usually do Self Funding or Bootstrapping for small businesses. If you believe that your idea will work and you bring it into accomplishment then you are left with only two ways.

If your business gets successful then you are good to go. If it falls short then you have no other way to get your money back.

If you want to invest in a business for the first time, it will be a better option for you to invest in someone’s other business.

The benefit of this option is that you will experience a real-time business environment without having any risk factors.


“Always share your ideas with the people who value it”

I believe that friends and family are the people who believe in you and give value to your idea. They believe that your idea will surely work out.

They are the people who can invest in your business means you can easily get funding for a business idea from your friends and family.

The benefit of granting funding investment from your friends and family is that they never ask you for an immediate and instant outcome.

But let me clear one thing that there may come some exceptional cases where family and friends do not support. Let’s suppose if they agree to invest in your business, even a minor loss can harm your reputation as well as your relationship with them.

So there are both pros and cons of raising money through friends and family. Think long-term and be very much selective from whom you are asking.


“investors never believes in ideas, they believe in efficient execution”

Angel Investors are the people who provide funding to the new emerging business ideas. They typically ask for a 20-25% share of your business.

Before assigning any amount, they do proper legal documentation with businesses.

Before investing in your business, they ask you to sign some legal documents. You will have to agree with the several conditions that they enlist.

The enlisted conditions are basically for the protection of investors in the case if your business idea fails.

In short; angel investors ask you to agree to the conditions for the security of their money.


“crowdfunding isn’t about collecting money, but it’s about gathering communities to make things happen”

If you are looking for business investors, then crowdfunding is the right place for you. It is considered to be a well-known place where people come and search for investors in accordance with their business.

Crowdfunding is suitable mostly for the product manufacturing and development sort of businesses.

If you want crowdfunding to fund your business, make sure that the product you are manufacturing or developing excites and amazes your targeted audience.

The method that crowdfunding does to market your product is the campaign. With the help of a campaign, they improve your product visibility. The campaign helps businesses to market their product even faster.

Benefits of Crowd Funding:

  • The marketing of your product becomes easier.
  • Increase in Revenue.
  • Cross-selling of the product becomes easier.
  • Upselling of the product becomes easier.

I know many of you might be thinking that how can we find crowdfunding for our businesses so there’s nothing to worry about.

Here I am going to mention some of the top Crowd Funding sites from which you can get the benefit for your business idea for sure.

Top Crowd Funding Sites:

The top Crowd Funding sites include:

  • Kickstarter.
  • GoFundMe.
  • Indiegogo.
  • Patreon.
  • RocketHub.
  • GoGetFunding.
  • CircleUp.
  • Ulule.


“when looking for funding,

don’t just look for cash

look for the right people”

Startup Grants are basically contributed by the government. It is administrated by the government sectors. Not every business gets a startup Grant.

There are a few conditions that each business startup should fulfill in order to avail of Startup Grants.

For example; the startup should increase the employment rate of your country. It should be betterment for your society. The Startup Grants are never paid back.

Businesses having goals for public goodness have more chances of having Startup Grants. So if any of you have any business startup regarding public well-being; I strongly recommend you apply for the Startup Grants.


This is one of the excellent methods of getting funding for your new business idea. It not only provides you the financial support but also works for the growth of your business.

Startup Accelerators provide businesses with the basic initial funding. They also provide business startups with an environment where they can bring business startups to a higher level.

Apart from providing financial support and a great work environment, the startup accelerators also provide comprehensive mentorship by experts in accordance with your business domain.

Because of this mentorship, your business startup gains a strong position because of which you become able to defend your business startup in front of investors in order to find one for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I get funding for my idea?

The best ways to get funding for your idea are the following:

  1. Self-Financing your Start-up
  2. Getting an Angel Investor
  3. Crowdfunding Support
  4. Loans under Government Schemes
  5. Loans from banks
  6. Small business loans from NBFCs, MFIs
  7. Business credit cards
  8. Peer-to-Peer Lending

How do you get investors for a business idea?

If you have a great idea but no investors yet, follow these steps to start working on getting the funding you need.

Step 1: Find a mentor who will provide guidance.
Step 2: Perform market research.
Step 3: Write a business plan and determine your capital needs.
Step 4: Enter a competition.
Step 5: Consider outside investments.

What are the 4 types of grants?

Learn the four ways an organization can get federal grant funding to help achieve its mission and reach its goals.

  1. Competitive Grant – Merit-Based
  2. Formula Grant – Predetermined Award Based
  3. Continuation – Renewal Grants
  4. Pass-Through Grants – Issued by a Federal Agency

Can you get funding without a product?

Although it is difficult, it is possible to fundraise even with just an idea. A lot of people do it and lots of success stories prove that.

What are the ways to get funding for your new business?

  1. First, determine how much funding do you need?
  2. If possible, fund your business by self-funding.
  3. You can get venture capital from investors.
  4. You can also use crowdfunding to fund your business.
  5. If no one option works, get a small business loan.

What are 5 ways businesses receive funding?

You can consider the following as a guide while looking to get funding for your business in these five ways:

  1. Boostrapping: At the idea/experimental stage, you can generate your own financial resource by using money from a savings account or careful use of personal credit cards.
  2. Friends and Family.
  3. Crowdfunding.
  4. Bank Loan/Venture Capital.
  5. Angel Investors.

What are the 5 sources of funds?

The 5 Main Sources of Funding are:
Source # 1. Commercial Banks
Source # 2. Indigenous Bankers
Source # 3. Installment Credit
Source # 4. Advances
Source # 5. Trade Credit

How to Ask Investors for Funding?

  1. Keep your pitch easy for the average person to understand and concise.
  2. Don’t use industry terms that investors may not be familiar with.
  3. Don’t ramble.
  4. Be specific about your products, services, and pricing.
  5. Show them why the market needs your business.


From the above-narrated content, it is clear that all kinds of business startups have various opportunities in order to get funding for their business idea.

I hope “How to get funding for a Business Idea?” proved beneficial for you. Do share it with your friends and fellows and in case of any queries, use the comment section. I will respond to you as soon as possible.

In the future, I will be coming up with more articles regarding business startups. So keep up reading and learning with Tech Baji.

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