There are advantages and disadvantages to everything in this world. Our lives are really enriched by modern technology.

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Despite that, we cannot ignore the advantages and disadvantages of technology on youth in society.

The modern world is highly influenced by technology, whether we are talking about households, businesses, or education.

There are many benefits associated with modern technology, but there are also many disadvantages. Youth is the most vulnerable to its disadvantages.

Youth is the key to a country’s success. It is, therefore, our foremost duty to introduce it to our youth and ensure they know what its advantages and disadvantages are.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Modern Technology on Youth in Society:

Here, I am focusing on and highlighting technology’s advantages and disadvantages for Youth in society.

Our youth today is completely off course when we look around us.

We all know that following the wrong path is easier, faster, and simpler than following the right track which requires more effort and patience. So when we are young, we are more likely to follow the wrong path.

There is no doubt that technology has improved our lives greatly. Modern technology has become an alternative for all difficult tasks.

Youth, however, need to be guided about how to handle everything.

In essence, I am raising this serious issue of how modern technology is corrupting and spoiling our youth.

In order to end this problem from the root, we need to keep in mind that our youth are very easily distracted.

However, despite all these distractions, technology has countless and endless advantages, especially for our youth. The technology we use contributes to making our lives easier and better. I am mentioning some pros and pitfalls of using modern technology in life.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Modern Technology on Youth

  • Communication gets improved
  • Social networking get improved
  • Access to information gets easier
  • Solar electrical power technology
  • Making disabled people more able through technology
  • Artificial intelligence technology
  • Transportation technology
  • Technology used in agriculture
  • Technology saves us valuable time
  • The use of modern technology in banking
  • Technology’s role in education
  • Benefits of technology for the health sector
  • Entertainment technology
  • Cost deficiency is a result of technology
  • Technology used to purchase and sell
  • Living conditions and housing improved due to technology
  • Crimes are on the rise
  • Excessive use of mobile is a waste of time
  • Addiction to technology
  • Technology distracts students from studying and working
  • Technology reduces people’s creativity
  • Technology isolates people from each other
  • Technology is harmful to the environment
  • Lack of interest in studying is caused by technology
  • People experience health problems because of technology
  • Technology results in waste of money
  • Technology dependence of people
  • Technology security issues

My first point will be to tell my readers about the advantages of modern technology that will lead our youth to succeed.

Advantages of Modern Technology for Youth:

The benefits of technology on youth are innumerable and non-measurable. Technology helps them fulfill almost all their tasks and responsibilities.

Basically, this is what our youth need today.

Positive Effects of Technology on Youth:


Our communication part has been greatly improved by technology, and this has been both positive and beneficial.

One of the greatest advantages of using new technology is that our youth can enhance their communication skills.

In many ways, communication had a positive influence on our society and on our youth.

Our youth are taught how to easily reach out and connect with their friends and family.

Our youth benefit from the fact that they don’t have to go to some special place just to send a single message and connect to the internet as they did in decades past.

With today’s signals, a message can be sent anywhere in the world. Interactions have also become much easier and reliable.

Communication leads to learning.

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Our society and young people gain the greatest benefit if they can build their network and follow their path to success through this process.

Our youth can grow their social networks using technology.

Technological tools allow young people to find people with similar interests and grow their social networks.

The technology they use allows them to use social networks to compile a broad range of information.

Using this platform, young people can gather information to succeed in academics and in the workplace.

You will become more aware of the world as your social network grows.

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Our youth can now access the most updated information about the topics they want and need, thanks to technology.

By simply searching on Google, they can collect information about their use. The results can be in various formats and they can have multiple results.

Among the many formats available are images, articles, videos, slideshows, and much more.

Using technology, we have easy access to the most recent information available. Almost all sectors require information.

It is necessary to use technology for simple tasks, such as preparing a presentation for a client or for completing an assignment, and for the preparation of a business plan.

It doesn’t matter what level you’re at, technology is necessary.


Using the sun’s heat and light to produce electrical energy is known as solar power.

The new invention of today is solar power. Solar energy can be converted to electrical energy using various devices and machines.

New solar power technologies are pollution-free and use no fossil fuels.

As opposed to other technological machines, it produces no pollution when used (Such as a generator).

The fact that solar energy doesn’t destroy the environment is one of its greatest benefits. Various applications of solar energy technology are popular in the present day.

Solar power technology will completely drive modern technology in the future.

Among others, it provides electrical energy for motor cars, streetlights, hand-held torches, and buildings, homes, factories, etc.


Today, disabled people do not have to be disabled anymore. They have many machines and devices made for them by which they can perform certain activities.

The technology of today makes nearly everything possible. In recent years, artificial hands and feet have been invented for people who have disabilities of their hands and feet.

They become able to use their hands and walk correctly by using artificial hands and feet.

Various devices have been invented which assist people with disabilities in different ways.


Artificial intelligence is the basis for upcoming technology.

AI refers to the new era and concept of technology in which everything is powered by technology.

It is inevitable that technology will be used in every type of work.

Scientists who work with artificial intelligence create a brain that is human-like and capable of doing all work on its own, as well as evaluating which decisions to make while working.

Since artificial intelligence will be able to think of what to do and how to do it, humans will not have to think anymore.

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In transportation, technology plays a crucial role. Nowadays, technology makes transportation much easier.

Transportation technology can be anything from a bicycle to an automobile or even an airplane. It is a way to travel from place to place.

It is impossible to go on a trip without these types of technologies.


In agriculture, technology plays a very important role.

Forming has become much easier in recent years. The forming process involves many technological machines, such as tractors, harvesters, and planters.

Formers working in agriculture are changing due to technology. Technology has made the process of forming very easy for the former.

With the technology, they can complete forms in less time.

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Technology is designed to save time, one of the main goals of modern society.

Our scientists are constantly working on new technological innovations that will save us time and facilitate efficiency.

We are saving a lot of time thanks to the technology or machines that are available today.

It was very difficult to transport people from one location to another before the invention of transportation technology because transporting people took time to complete.

Technology, however, has made the process of reaching people easier.

The navigation app on your smartphone will find the best route to your destination if you want to find the right way for your destination.

The efficiency of our work is facilitated by a variety of technical machines and devices.


Technology also improves banking. Today, almost every bank uses technology.

Technology was created to make life easier for people, and thanks to technology, banking has become a very easy process.

People can easily make any type of transaction using online transactions and ATM machines.

The customers do not have to visit the bank and wait and struggle in line; they can easily conduct any kind of transaction online or from an ATM machine in their area.

Debit and credit cards are also forms of technology.

People do not need to carry any cash in their pockets when they use these cards. These cards can be used for both buying and selling.


As I previously said, there are no fields where technology is not used.

In education, technology has a lot of advantages both for the student and for the teacher.

Students and teachers benefit greatly from technology when studying and teaching.

A lot of students benefit from electronic devices, gadgets, and software.

In every education system today, multimedia projectors are used. Teachers find it easy and enjoyable to use.

Multimedia projectors can help present knowledge to the students better.

Learning becomes more interesting and motivational for students.


In the health sector, technology is used in hospitals.

Hospitals use many technological devices to facilitate the monitoring of patients’ health.

Having accurate and efficient information about the diseases of their patients at any time is crucial for doctors. As a result, it resulted in fewer errors made by doctors when analyzing patients’ diseases.

Today in the modern world, most hospitals are using new, modern technology.

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In the entertainment industry, technology also plays an important role. For entertainment, there are many modern technological devices.

  • Mobile phones
  • Computes
  • Play stations (video game consoles)
  • Video games
  • VR devices

Entertainment is the primary use of these devices. During their free time, people used these kinds of devices for entertainment.


Keeping costs as low as possible is one of the objectives of modern technology. People benefit from technology because it makes things cheaper and easier.

People are able to get cost-effective technological devices, machinery, and gadgets at a very low price.

Increasingly, technology is helping people in a variety of ways, resulting in cost savings.

We used to require a lot of workers to do a variety of jobs, but now we can do them with fewer workers, machines, and more efficiency in a few minutes.


The use of modern technology has made purchasing and selling very simple. Through the internet, people can easily buy and sell their products.

It is possible to sell and purchase products online through various websites and software (such as Amazon, Alibaba, etc.).

It is easy to make e-commerce purchases, people only need to open an e-commerce website, select the product they want to buy enter their details, including a credit card number or what kind of delivery they prefer, and click on the “buy now” button.

It takes a few days for the product to be delivered. For them, they need not struggle.

Additionally, they can order their own food. On the market, there is a large number of shops that allow customers to order and receive their items through online shopping.

Their website or application allows them to select their favorite food and have it delivered to their home in a matter of minutes.


The role of technology in human lifestyles is very important. Providing people with new ideas to improve their lives, it is always developing and improving.

Compared to 20 years ago, life in the modern world is very different than it used to be. They will be amazed at the new technological inventions if they see the world of today’s technological people.

People always gain new ideas and lifestyles from technology. New inventions are made by the people to improve their lives.

Disadvantages of Modern Technology for Youth:

Moving on to its disadvantages that have proven too harmful and dangerous for our youth.

Here we will look at the disadvantages that technology has on society and human life.


Every day, the number of attempts to commit crimes increases, which has a negative impact on our youth.

Their illegal activities are being carried out with the help of technology.

Data theft and hacking are examples of such crimes. Their personality is affected as well as their educational future.

As soon as a young person gets involved with such illegal activities, they do not stop. Therefore, our parents and elders must monitor carefully how their children use technology.


We all know that mobile phones offer a lot of benefits, but on the other hand, they also have many dangerous downsides.

The device is regarded as the one that significantly wastes time. As a result of spending so much time on their phones, our youth do not study and work hard for the future.

The majority of their time is being wasted by using chatting apps, and they are also taking time away from their families because they spend more time on their mobile phones than they do with their families.

Accordingly, I believe our youth is distracted the most by using their mobile phones.

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As a result of our youth’s misuse of technology, they are becoming addicted.

They exhibit negative physical and mental changes as a result of this addiction. Therefore, we should provide access to technology to our youth while keeping a check on them.

There should never be a situation where they are left free hand in such a way that they become addicted and wind up making themselves and their families in trouble.

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Distractions posed by modern gadgets and technological devices are most common today.

Technology devices that people use the most are smartphones, video games, and television.

People waste most of their time using these devices instead of working or studying, and as a result, they waste a lot of time.

Rather than focusing on their goals and ambitions that require effort, people are wasting valuable time on unproductive activities like this.

I’m not saying to stop using it. But we have to use it only at a particular time and not every time.

We should create a schedule for ourselves and follow it. Our work time is our work time, and our study time is our study time, and we shouldn’t use it every time, but we can use it at specific times.


Modern technology kills creativity because it reduces it.

Today’s technology is the most distracting thing, as I said before. Technology keeps people busy all the time, which reduces their creativity.

Being creative is seeing something unique, new, and interesting in every situation, and then putting that idea into practice. All of these creative ideas come from deep thinking, which is what makes them great.

However, as they utilize technology, their minds are occupied in using only modern technological devices.

This leads to a loss of creativity.


Technological advancements cause people to become socially isolated.

The majority of people regularly use their mobile phones and watch television, so they have little time to do anything else.

The fact that they use technology extensively makes them addicted to it.

Neither of them wants to do anything else nor interact with anyone outside, including their family and friends.

This causes them to isolate themselves from society.

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Our environment is also affected by modern technology.

The effects of pollution on both humans and other living things in the environment can be devastating.

Specifically, we are discussing modern technology’s bad effects on our environment that create problems in our surrounding environment.

Here are some ways modern technology damages our environment.

a). Technologically induced air pollution

The exhaust from factories and vehicles pollutes our air and creates a lot of diseases (such as asthma) in humans and other living things.

Air pollution causes oxygen shortages and other kinds of diseases among a large number of animals and humans.

b). Noise pollution caused by technology

Technology is a major source of sound pollution. This category includes heavy machinery, factories, vehicles, and airplanes. The chemical is extremely harmful to living things.

c). Water pollution caused by technology

Factory wastewaters contribute to the pollution of rivers and lacs of gallons of water. These chemicals are very harmful to living things because they contaminate the water.

Creating hazardous diseases and causing deaths is the result of it.


For students, it’s important to have goals and ambitions that they want to achieve and achieve through studying.

By relying on technology extensively and becoming addicted to it, individuals lose interest in the study. It is always their desire to use the computer, a mobile phone, a tablet, or a play station.

Goals and ambitions are left behind. This affects many students.

The following are some other negative effects of technology in education for students:

  • Students’ precious time is wasted
  • Study, goals, and ambitions can all be distracted by technology.
  • Students waste money by buying unnecessary technological gadgets.
  • Creativity is lost.


Our health is also affected by technology. The extensive use of technology leads to a variety of diseases in people.

Nearly everyone today uses a mobile phone, which also affects their health.

Below are some disadvantages of technology to human health.

  1. Eyesight damages
  2. Obesity rates increase
  3. The disease of brain cancer
  4. Damages hearing
  5. Problems with asthma
  6. Cancer of the skin


It has become a trend to waste money on technology. Tech is a big waste of money for many people.

People waste their money on technology in two ways. People buy technology by paying for it.

It is expensive to buy technological machines, devices, and gadgets. In addition to paying a lot of money for it, people have to pay a lot for its maintenance.

Secondly, people tend to spend a great deal of money on unnecessary technology devices, such as smartphones, tablets, etc.

The reason for this is people’s addiction to technology. Buying the latest, expensive, and advanced technology has always been a priority for them.


Another negative effect of technology on people is dependency.

If we analyze the people of 20 years ago, we see that today’s world is quite different from the one that existed 20 years ago.

In previous decades, people worked hard by themselves every day, which is why they are so strong and creative now.

People now all rely on technology. We will not be able to function properly if we take away all the technological machines and gadgets.

Since they are all dependent on technology, they lose both their creativity and health.

As a result of excessive use of technology, human workers become lazy, and technology also lowers their value.


The use of technology is also associated with security concerns.

Society is growing and moving towards technology. The goal of every individual is to automate everything through technology.

Houses, offices, and factories use advanced technologies for security purposes.

Technology sometimes fails and doesn’t operate properly, and recovery takes a long time.

People are very at risk. People can lose money, privacy, and even their lives.

This thus summarizes the disadvantages of modern technology for society’s youth.

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In general, technology can be used in a good, positive way. But like with anything, excessive use is dangerous. It is especially dangerous for our youth in their teens age.

Hopefully, now you have gained an understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of technology on youth in society.

Let me know your thoughts about technology’s advantages and disadvantages in society in the comment section. I will respond as quickly as possible.

Continue to read and learn. Don’t forget to share it with your friends and family as well.

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