If you are the one who wants to deliver more than expected, then you are exactly in the right place where you will get to know about How does Technology Increases Productivity in the Workplace.

Technology is no less than a blessing for us. Being an employee when it comes to productivity in your workplace, makes you panic because your employer will always expect more than you could deliver.

According to employers, you are supposed to be work-oriented and get little or no free time, but technology makes your lives simpler and more convenient and improves your competitiveness and productivity in the workplace all at the same time.

Using technology in the workplace helps to improve productivity and profitability. However, adding automation to workers in high-value tasks is a difficult task in itself.

An easy way to reduce that complication is to utilize technology in your workplace to increase productivity.

For the growth and success of any organization, technology is of great importance. It is considered to be the greatest source of increased productivity of your workers and employees.

The appropriate and proper use of technology in the workplace will result in positive outcomes whereas it can be the greatest threat for your company and organization if used inappropriately by your employees in the workplace.

The companies and organizations will tend to select the positive using technology to improve efficiency in the workplace by their employees which will result in increased productivity for sure.

7 Ways Technology Can Increase Workplace Productivity:

The secret of the success of any organization can only be determined by the daily work agenda and productivity of the employees in their workplace. Technology has always helped us to unlock so many problems that we face on an almost daily basis.

How does Technology Increases Productivity in the Workplace
How does Technology Increases Productivity in the Workplace

Being an employee, we have to focus more on our productivity the best practice to boost productivity in your workplace is to use technology efficiently.

You might be anxious about how does technology increases productivity in the workplace, nothing to worry about.

Some students asked, “which is one way that technology can improve productivity?”.

Here I am going to mention the 7 proven ways that how does technology help you to increase your productivity in the workplace.

Technology enables efficient Communication:

Communication is one of the most important aspects of business growth and development. Technology has completely changed the concepts of communication in an office environment.

How does Technology Increases Productivity in the Workplace
How does Technology Increases Productivity in the Workplace

With the help of technology, communication gets even more personalized, faster, and hence improved the network of the business at the same time.

Communication with technology made it all easy to streamline things and to keep them on track in a lesser amount of time.

You might have heard this many times that Time is Money, so yes time is money, and communication with the latest technology saves a lot of time so that time can be utilized by employees in the workplace to produce something very productive.

The need for communication made with top management became easy for employees. Employees will no longer wait for the physical meetings for their concerns thanks to the technology which made it all easy.

They can simply make them a video call or can leave a voice message, text message or email for them

As it consumes very little time so such type of communication will never affect employees’ productivity in the workplace and will result in increased productivity for sure.

Efficient Communication of Employees through Technology results in increased productivity in so many ways:

  1. Employees can easily integrate various communication tools made with technology by which businesses will be able to save a lot of money. Businesses will be able to accredit the work to dedicated employees.
  2. Building up a customer relationship with a company or business is one of the most difficult tasks for employees. So nothing to worry about because technology has made it easy for employees to establish and manage the customer relationship with the business while sitting in your office alongside your other in-office responsibilities.
  3. By the use of the latest technology, an employee will be able to collect feedback from the customers which will result in an improvement of the company, customer loyalty, and productivity of an employee.
  4. Using technology for effective business communication is convenient, instant, and collaborative and hence results in faster and efficient decision making for employees to keep their productivity level right on track.

Technology enables Social Engagement of Employees:

Being an employee, you must know that you are one of the most valuable assets of your company.

By enabling your social engagement with a company or brand, you can provide valuable suggestions and ideas for the benefit and betterment of your company which will again show your increased productivity level towards the business or company.

Employees must always try to interact more and more with the company so that they can engage themselves fully in the work environment which will in turn advance and boost up their performance towards the business.

Technology enables easy access to the latest information:

So one of the best impacts of technology on productivity in the workplace is an ease in the access of information anytime.

According to the research and statistics, it is proved that 68% of employees prefer to learn at work while 32% of employees adopt the learning process at the time when it is needed the most. The above statistics show that learning never stops.

It might seem weird to your boss or employer to see you learning things at the time of your employment.

But thanks to the technology which made the learning process extremely easy and turned that weirdness of your boss into happiness and joy because learning updated knowledge about your area or domain within four walls of your office.

This will ultimately benefit the business and increased productivity as well. Technology made access to updated information extremely easy.

Instead of getting panic about solving your problems, you can simply GOOGLE it and you will find so many solutions and relevant answers to your single problem.

So easy access to information through technology made employees independent and more productive in their respective domains.

Technology boosts up Employee Engagement:

One way to achieve and improve employee engagement is to boost up by the approach of technology.

Every single business is now using technology to keep in touch with its employees whether they are inside the office or outside.

So now this is the first and foremost responsibility of employees to participate actively and collaborate efficiently.

This act of interactive and sharing of ideas, thoughts, and information with employees results in innovative and visionary thinking and hence increases employee engagement and production towards the company.

he more an employee will Engage with company matters, the more productive he/she will become

Ways by which you can Boost up Employee Engagement are:

Now let me count ways to motivate employees and increase productivity which helps in boosting up of employees engagement:

  1. Frequent use of work management tools.
  2. Collaboration with different departments.
  3. To train employees within their respective domains.

The above-mentioned points help in boosting up the level of employee engagement and result in increased productivity of the employees.

Technology helps Employees to Analyze their performance:

Being an employee, first of all, this is your responsibility to analyze your performance and productivity.

Technology made it easy to analyze and track your overall performance. You will tend to focus more on your goals to improve your progress in the company’s eye.

With the use of modern and advanced technology tools, you can track and analyze your performance and keep the top management up to date regarding your performance and productivity.

The benefit of doing so is that ‘You’ being an employee will try to improve yourself more and more and will upgrade your productivity level.

Tools used for Performance Measurement:

Here I am going to mention some latest tools by which you can measure and analyze your performance to make yourself more productive:

  1. Productivity Records.
  2. 360-degree feedback.
  3. Performance appraisal.

After the discovery of the latest technological tools, the industries have progressed so much that every single person tries to be even more productive in their workplace and hence improves the efficiency of employees.

Technology enables the Remote Working:

It is said that;

Employees who are most engaged are those who work remotely

Technology has efficiently enabled remote working. There are so many companies in which people employees work remotely.

So if you are the one who works remotely might also be worried about increasing productivity level because there is a big difference between working in an office environment and remote working.

In remote Working, there are so many distractions as compared to working in an office environment. You are even more answerable to the company when you work remotely.

So nothing to worry about, technology has made it easy for remote workers to increase their productivity level.

By virtual conferencing, you can easily communicate, collaborate, and interact with the company matters to increase your engagement with the company and make yourself more productive.

Technology automates manual tasks:

The era in which we are living now is an era of automation. Technology has made our lives simpler by making things automated and saves a lot of time. From the perspective of an employee, technology did the same.

There are so many things which employees can do by the use of technology efficiently and it will save their time which will result in increased productivity.

With the use of technology, you can automate several tasks that will not only save you valuable time but also make you even more productive.


The article must be really interesting and helpful for those employees who wish to become more productive day by day. Technology has countless contributions in almost every field.

I hope my article will help you to increase your productivity level whether you are an employee in a reputed company or even if you are a budding entrepreneur.

If you have any questions regarding “How does Technology Increases Productivity in the Workplace”, use the comment section and I will respond to you as soon as possible.

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