Have you ever thought about Media violence is harmful to society?  Here you go, in Spite of all the benefits Technology has become a tool to deliver violence globally. In the present world, the course of bullying, abuse, and violence has changed due to the violation of privacy on the internet.

Computer technology and the internet provided a facility for acts of violence and other regional conflicts.

Technology and domestic violence are coupled today, the criminals can stigmatize someone, exploit, abuse, and in worst cases kill someone by using digital technology.
Almost every society is suffering from different sorts of violence.

Why does Media violence be harmful to society?

In domestic violence, the majority of sufferers are women and young adults. Technology is the reason for the increasing ratios of conflicts and violence every year globally. These acts of violence may be organized or at an individual level.

The negative effects of technology on society really disturb normal life and Every single person feels stressed about the violence in the media.

These crimes encircle cyberstalking, surveillance, cyber abuse, leaking privacy, and homicide which leads to disturbance and these are the important Factors by which media violence is harmful to society.

Technology not only aid but also is a protective shield to such crimes because the offender is not directly involved and is obscured from the eyes of the victim.

Role of technology in Violence:

Technology is providing real-time communication through different social media platforms that can connect people virtually through audio and video links.

Geographically apart people can connect through social media and share their views, feelings the person who wants to stigmatize understand the dimensions of a victim’s life and addresses, phone calls, videotapes, etc.

This information can be used to exploit the values and ethics of society. Through technology, the information obtained can be used to inflict violence in a region by streaming live videos of hate speech, criminal conduct, and racism that ignite a fire in society and govern violence.

Different types of media violence are harmful to society:

In this article, we will discuss some common technologies by which media violence is harmful to the society we use in our daily life that can be used for backing up violence that is prevailing in societies.

Social Media Technology:

Social media platforms can be used to establish hate culture by hate speeches hate literature that promotes hate and racism. These plate forms are used by various political groups for the acquisition of different purposes.

Not only political groups but all groups that have different ill purposes in the society that may be terror activities, crimes, revenge, or destabilization of societies by which media violence is harmful to society.

Social media users are generally people who do not investigate any news that they watch on social media. They can be manipulated by false news. Social media users can be driven to violence and conflicts in societies.

The shepherds of a riot use social media platforms to address and start a false campaign. The worst example of domestic violence is the case of Myanmar.

In Myanmar, over 700,000 Muslims were exiled over false news of a rape case shared on Facebook by a monk. The news escalated violence against minority Muslims and they fled to save their lives.

The news took several innocent lives which were later found to be false.
This case created a global culture of hate between religions and later became an international issue.

Repression technology, internet accessibility, and state violence:

Social media platforms and internet technology is found to be a resource for extremism and terrorism that can outbreak violence and terror in societies. The countries where people are newly introduced to internet technology are examples of violence in media and also suffering the most.

People new to technology are not mature in using these internet platforms and can be forged easily for doing wrong and illicit activities. Technology can be used for the repression of officials in important cases.

According to recent reports on the bad effects of technology are, terrorists’ groups were found to use social media platforms for various purposes

  • Terrorists use internet technology to communicate.
  • The end-to-end encryption provided by social media and real-time communication helps terrorists to operate efficiently in every corner of the world where the internet is present.
  • Terrorists use the internet and social media to expand their network and spread their ideology.
  • They use the internet to get information about targets, areas, and investigations.
  • Brainwash social media users
  • They use the internet to get finances
  • They use the internet for the recruitment of fighters.

The Dark Web:

The dark web is known well to very few people. It is a very less discussed and most notorious platform of the deep web. It promotes all crimes that an ordinary human cannot even imagine and it increases media violence day by day in society.

It provides full and strong anonymity to its users. The criminal and violent acts promoted here have no digital footprints and can never be traced. The deep web can never be accessed with an ordinary browser.

It is like a covered world for high-profile underworld criminals. Organized gangs use the dark web for horrific crimes like gun dealing, drugs, and human trafficking violence in media promotes violence in society which causes crimes and bloodshed in the streets.

Every Media violence is harmful to society, Especially chat rooms for torture and violent acts to women, children, and other shameful acts like child abuse and pornography are streamed live which are very disturbing and horrific for a normal human being to watch or even imagine.

The dark web serves as a safe illicit undercover market for crimes and violence. Due to Onion routing and deep encryption, it is very difficult to trace the criminals behind these activities.

The victims are mostly women and young children who suffer extreme violence. Technology serves as Armor for such horrific criminals and the dark web closure seems unattainable.

Technology Gun Violence:

The technology is resulting in increasing murders and homicide around the world. Technology-enabled creation of the deadly weapons which are being used by criminals around the world for snatching and killing purposes.

These weapons are manufactured easily due to technology and are easily available for everyone at a low cost. Globally homicide has taken more lives than straight warfare.

Concerns arise due to evolving weapon technology that can cause more harm in the future. Information and surveillance for criminals are very easy through technology which enables criminals to know about the bank balance, worth, and social status of a victim which results in theft, kidnapping, and murders.


Cyberstalking is the most widespread problem over the internet and it has thrown a very dark shadow of depression and fear on the affected. Cyberstalking usually includes threatening, harassment, and defamation over the internet which caused violence in the media.

The stalker usually uses digital technology or devices to monitor the victim. Technology has provided many opportunities to monitor a victim. Nano cameras and social media platforms are used to monitor and gather information about the victim.

The information is then used to blackmail a victim, threaten, or even result in homicide.
The majority of victims of cyberstalking are women which are the most vulnerable targets and this is the most critical effect of media violence on society.

In most cases, the oppressor is an intimate partner who tries to influence or control the partner or to blackmail her if she is in a violent relationship she wants to leave. In some cases, the partner leaks the private videos and pictures of the woman which leads her to commit suicide.


The facts discussed above provide an overview of how media violence is harmful to society and the uses of technology causing domestic violence. It does not mean avoiding technology but it means avoiding carelessness while using technology.

Laws and policies are being made to safeguard the misuse of technology in inflicting violence. There are many platforms online that provide support and services to such abusive scenarios.

We should use technology and the internet keeping in view all the necessary security and safety measures; we need to avoid any kind of losses, harm, and technology-aided violence.

I will be writing more about technology and violence. Use the comment section to share your feedback.

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