In business, two of the most in-demand job skills are leadership and management. As organizations face fears of the Great Resignation, there is a growing need for supervisors who can effectively and efficiently collaborate. At their core, companies that have hired good talent are looking to ensure that their current employees can become good managers and leaders.

This is especially pertinent for aspiring entrepreneurs who must combine their own unique skills with those required to lead a team. For aspiring leaders, preparing for leadership can be a great way to equip yourself with the right skills to impress your company and advance your career. As such, many people aiming for a more significant role at work are looking into leadership coaching.

Some benefits of leadership development include behavioral shifts in leading, managing, and finding strategies for coping with challenging situations. However, these preparations go beyond the workplace — encompassing essential soft skills that can be used anywhere. Those who prepare for leadership learn how to moderate emotional and social development for better work engagement and career satisfaction. They also study how to impact attitude, coping, self-regulation, and well-being positively. As you can see, leadership goes beyond getting promoted to the role; it involves various professional and interpersonal skills to help guide your employees. In this article, we’ll look at four things leadership coaches want aspiring future leaders to know:

Build strong relationships

Building strong connections in the workplace is a great way to make yourself known and recognized by the people around you. This is where your communication skills can shine as you develop trust and rapport with colleagues, peers, and mentors. Finding time to connect outside of the workplace also reduces tension and friction in the workplace and can be a great reminder that you are more than just your work titles and jobs. With enough positive and insightful relationships built, you create a professional network you can rely on as you progress through your career.

Develop a growth mindset

Cultivating the belief that you can continually improve and learn new skills is part of developing a growth mindset. More than just relying on innate talent and abilities, successful leaders stand out because of how they approach challenges in the workplace and their resilience in the face of potential failure or rejection. As aspiring leaders, focusing on constantly improving yourself, seeking feedback, and staying open to learning new things or responsibilities is a great way to stand out among your peers. To build that sense of growth, it’s also vital that you set realistic goals depending on your current abilities so that you can reflect on what needs to be improved or worked on to achieve newer goals later.

Show initiative

As explained above, part of the importance of having a growth mindset is showing initiative to grow and take on new responsibilities. To develop initiative in the workplace, find a way to pursue higher-quality results or achieve new goals in the process. This means you should constantly reflect on your achievements and milestones and assess how to improve or overtake them. Showing initiative in the workplace also helps you view your work from a new, optimistic lens, in which you can feel more motivated and willing to contribute and collaborate.

Build your personal brand

Finally, your personal brand is the way people perceive you and your professional reputation. Building a personal brand aligned with your views and goals can help you expand your professional networks so that people know what you do and how well you do it. As aspiring leaders, having a personal brand that stands out can help you find your footing better when the time comes for you to step into a leadership role. Instead of getting lost in an organization’s branding after years of climbing the corporate ladder, you can shine on your own and bring your unique flavor to leadership and management.

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