Few sectors can claim to have fueled the meteoric rise of their industry in the same way the technology industry has since the turn of the century. While there have been some fantastic developments in fields such as finance, healthcare, and tourism, technology has been the catalyst for the untold benefits we see in our society today. Technology has been responsible for the astonishing growth in internet connectivity, affordability, and smartphone accessibility.

It has helped fuel the design of mobile devices, so they have gone from basic mobile phones to devices where we can FaceTime people from the other side of the world. Technological advancements have also helped usher in a new business layer for specific industries, like casinos. Even fully functioning baccarat live casino games were a distant pipe dream for casino companies twenty years ago. Nowadays, you can access one instantly from your smartphone. Of course, this is the tip of the iceberg, and we could go into far more detail about the seismic changes brought about already by technology, but today we will be looking ahead to the future.

However, how will things shape up another ten years from now? We have a few ideas that might give insight into how technology will continue to shape our world in a decade.

The Rise Of AI

This sector has entered the stratosphere since the end of 2022. With tens of billions of dollars now pouring into AI technology, courtesy of some of the world’s biggest technology companies, this is a specific area of the technology industry that will gather some tremendous momentum.

It’s hard to say just how much AI will change our world. If it isn’t stifled by governmental policy, the likes of which we have seen in Italy, then it could be a big boom akin to the internet crossing into the mainstream. It will impact sectors as far-reaching as gaming, health, finance, tourism, travel, and construction.

Widespread Electric Vehicles

Given that the world is on the brink of turning a critical point in its battle against climate change, the race now is more important than ever to find a company that can mass-produce cheap electric vehicles that cause minimal environmental damage.

There is now an extra incentive in several countries where governments are granting subsidies for corporations that operate within the sector to innovate and shift the focus away from non-renewable resources as the primary fuel for vehicles. As a result, the electric vehicle sector is beginning to pick up steam, and we imagine this will be far more widespread in ten years, given that gas-guzzling vehicles will soon be a thing of the past.

A Cashless Society

We’re already far into a world where cash is deemed redundant. It is highly unusual to see anyone under the age of 60 carrying cash in today’s day and age, especially in advanced economies. With many central banks of the world’s most prominent nations racing to create a digital version of their currency, we could very well see a society that doesn’t accept cash at this time in ten years.

Some people have voiced concerns about a cashless society, given that all transactions will be tracked and the ability to give homeless people loose change will be much more difficult if this switch continues to gather momentum. Although the US government has been printing cash at an eye-watering rate in early 2023, fewer citizens will own it, mainly because it will become more challenging to buy and sell products compared to the more convenient aspect of contactless cards.

Will We Make It to Mars?

The vast endlessness of space is an overwhelming prospect for many of us. It is incalculable to wrap your head around the accurate scale of it. However, our closest neighbor in the solar system may soon have human visitors. Given that it has been over fifty years since man landed on the moon, you’d think there would be a sizeable push to plant feet on a planet within the Solar System within the next ten years.

We appreciate the logistics of this are monstrously tricky. Otherwise, it would have been done much sooner. However, with SpaceX and NASA looking to invest vast amounts of money in getting a crew to Mars, we imagine there will be a decent push within the next ten years.

Brain Implants

This technology aims to transform how the healthcare sector can tackle mental illnesses that attack the brain’s memory function. However, despite Elon Musk’s looking to pioneer this technology, he has come up against multiple hurdles in his quest to turn this technology into something that becomes widespread. However, this could all change ten years from now if the development of this technology kicks into another gear and regulators approve testing.

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