Ever thought How is Social Media Changing Family Relationships? Social media in the 21st century has transformed the way humans used to communicate.

They are not only the source of communication but they offer you a wide range of interaction paths with loved ones.

It is a versatile platform with interesting features like sharing photos, videos, memories, news, events, and amusement stuff.

According to reports, there are 3.5 billion active users of social media around the globe and 90% of users are youngsters.

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It means that almost every family today is having at least one social media wizard or witch in their home. Social media molded the importance and priorities of relationships among families and friends.

Social media Technology has Pros, but people didn’t think about the disadvantages which will Cause major problems in real life. people need to know about how is social media changing family relationships and communication.

In the ’20s, social media took over communication with Dozens of Mobile applications and desktop applications which make life easy for Everyone. In-home, Every single person has Cells, Laptops, and other devices to engage themselves in social media platforms but seriously none of them know about how is social media changing family relationships.

In recent years the influence of social media seems to be expanding on family relationships. We will go through some facts about the positive and negative effects of social media and how is social media changing family relationships.

Positive Effects of Social Media on Family

How is Social Media Changing Family Relationships
How is Social Media Changing Family Relationships


The positive effects of social media on family relationships cannot be ignored. There are endless benefits of these platforms in daily life.

It has played a significant role in establishing good relationships in the family. Let’s dive into some of the positive effects of social media on family relationships.

Social media taking over communication:

The most praiseworthy and positive effect of social media is family communication.
It is being the primary source of communication among family members.

Social media connects family and friends in every perspective, If any family member wants to have some urgent work with friends, so the member can easily communicate with the help of messages, Calls, Videos calls, Facebook, Whatsapp Etc.

Sharing through statuses, photos, and videos connects the members of the family in a pleasant way. Given below are the benefits and how is social media changing family relationships:

  1. Provide cost-free connectivity with family from anywhere at any time.
  2. Can stay connected with family via statuses, share photos and videos.
  3. Can share your problems and feelings in hard times with a geographically separated family member.
  4. Provide an instant source of connection with the family to students and workers abroad.
  5. Efficient source of establishing a friendly atmosphere for family relationships by group chats and events sharing.

Advantages of social media in family relationships

The tremendous advantage of social media is the convenience in the process of communication. It provides relaxation in maintaining family relationships.

All social media offers video calls, audio calls, messaging, and voice chats. It facilitates connecting family members according to the preferences of the user about video or audio or voice chat according to time and engagements in daily routines.

This can compensate for a formal meeting. If someone can not manage to meet he/she can send a voice message for an excuse which is far better than not having any interaction doing so holds relationships in the family.

In addition, social media offers conference calls and video chats for more than two members of a family, and this connection will make the goof effect of technology on your family.

The effect of technology on your family:

Usually, there exists a gap between adults and teens in families. They lack an understanding of each other in different aspects. Social media provides connectivity and insight into an individual’s opinions, likes, and dislikes from their timeline sharings.

Beautiful captions with family photos and videos create sweet memories. More features of social media such as event sharing and birthday celebrations are celebrated in a new fashion by the use of social media.

This leads to bridging the gap between teens and adults that unites the family and a positive impact of social media on the parent-child relationship. they can understand their children well.

Social media gives parents insight into their children’s world. Parents can see the photos, statuses, and videos their kids share when they are not at home. It helps parents to know the friends and social circle of their children.

Negative Effects of Social Media on Family Relationships:

Today’s digital socialization has some negative effects on family relationships that can not be avoided.

The negative effects of social media and how is social media changing family relationships have gained much attention in the wise circle of society. The negatives regarding family and social media technology are given below.

Affected Family Culture:

Before social media Family gatherings used to be a delightful and memorable event. There is no doubt that social media reduced the physical barriers to communicating with people but it also destroyed family cultures and the rejoice of family gatherings.

Due to the virtual instant connection, family members seldom meet and arrange gatherings.

“Social media is an interesting tool but it is the real face to face communication that makes a long term impact.”

The users are so addicted to social media that they are inseparable from their phones. People who are always active on social media are not available mentally for the family to communicate or speak.

They don’t take any interest in family gatherings showing no affection and love in the surroundings even if they are sitting together. This over-usage is the prime cause of gaps between family relationships.

Isolation From Family:

The modern generation is said to be digital natives. They are savvy in the case of social media. But on the other hand, the parents did not get many chances to evolve with technology.

They are either baby boomers or generation x. Adolescents are having an impression of superiority in this regard over their parents.

The youngsters do not pay much attention to their parents and don’t listen to parents if they try to tell them to avoid often use of social media.

They use social media and try to be in isolation so that they don’t have to listen to advice from parents.

The parents in return think that they don’t understand the dimensions of modern social media and technology, therefore, they should not disturb their children.

This mindset and misperception resulting from social media have created isolation from family especially in children and parents who do not use or understand social media.

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Social media changing Marriage relationships:

Social media can be the cause of misunderstandings in marital relationships. It offers trendy and addictive entertainment platforms that keep couples busy and engaged.

Partners in marriages require affection and time but instead, they are busy in social media sharing and updating profiles.

It has become a major distraction in marriages. This attitude makes partners think that they have no importance and are being ignored which leads to conflicts.

A study has found that a 20% annual increase in Facebook enrolment was associated with a 2.18% to 4.32% increase in divorce rates.

Social media addictiveness decreased the quality of marriages. Partners usually check on each other social media accounts.

The more they monitor their partner the more mistrust, jealousy, and misunderstandings increase and in the worst case can lead to divorce and family divide.

How social media Affected Family Importance:

People avoid family and share their problems online on social media. The family was considered the primary source of support and importance in older times because in early times no one knows about how is social media changing family relationships.

Social media has changed the dynamics and importance of relationships. It weakens the dependency of children over parents and the bond of parents toward their children.

Children can now share their emotions, feelings, and problems with their friends on social media and get satisfied without letting their parents know anything about their problems.

“Family is the most important thing in the world.” -Princess Diana

Social media fashion has replaced the importance of family with social media-connected friends. support from parents and other family members is needed in different aspects of one’s life.

That nurtures a strong and supportive relationship with the parents. But social media changed this culture That’s why the internet replacing family.

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Social media is a large platform for sharing your views, expressing your thoughts, staying updated, and connecting with the changing trends, family, and friends.

It is something that we can not stop using due to its wide range of benefits and its involvement in various aspects of life.

So the real question how is social media changing family relationships? or the impact of social media on relationships? The answer is yes. It affected family relationships by reducing real face-to-face communication and interaction.

But it also provided convenience in family relationships. It can be used positively to improve our relationships. It is important to limit its use on different occasions and times of the day.

We should not let social media engagement destroy precious family relationships as said by Erik Qualman “We don’t have a choice on whether we do social media, the question is how well we do it.”

Social media helps us connect virtually but it is negatively affecting family relationships.

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