To understand the purpose and function of Educational psychology, you must first understand what Education really is. And what is Psychology?

Psychology studies human mental properties, whereas Education is an instructional method of learning.

You will be able to understand the purposes and functions of educational psychology after reading this article:

What is Educational Psychology?

The field of educational psychology falls under the category of applied psychology. The purpose of this branch of psychology is to study an individual from the perspective of their learning process.

In this section, we examine people in their educational setting. The relationship between education and psychology is essentially reciprocal.

The purpose of educational psychology is to simply come to grips with how humans learn and what the best ways are to teach.

Human performance in learning is studied. Shortly, educational psychology is the study of human learning through both logical and experimental means.

What is the Purpose and Function of Educational psychology?

Among the most significant purposes of educational psychology is to encourage and promote teaching and learning methods. Moreover, it enhances an individual’s learning method.

The study of educational psychology can help teachers learn how to use their mental power and strength as teachers.

Therefore, the main purpose of educational psychology is to promote teaching and learning methods.

What is the Importance of Educational psychology?

There are several reasons why educational psychology is important:

  1. Educational psychology is concerned with understanding the components and aspects of the student’s life.
  2. Psychological principles play a key role in education, since they form the foundation for learning.
  3. Psychology of education is primarily concerned with how children develop their ability to learn and to learn effectively.
  4. It creates a strong bond between student and teacher, thus encouraging the students to act politely with teachers and other elders.
  5. Children gain more problem-solving skills by studying psychology in school rather than creating problems for themselves.

What is the Scope of Educational Psychology?

Due to its vastness, educational psychology is an area that continues to grow with ongoing research. Our field extends up to an extremely great extent.

Educational psychology describes the disciplines and areas in which it can be applied.

Educational psychology is primarily concerned with the following three areas:


Learners play a key role in the overall process of learning. This entirely depends on the learner when it comes to how quickly or how slowly he/she learns.

During the learning stage, problems are common, and this is where educational psychology can be applied to solve those problems.


We learn about learning from educational psychology. Additionally, it describes the steps and factors that influence our learning process.

Teachers play a major and significant role in the learning process. Educational psychology helps teachers develop their students’ sense of maturity.

It is possible for a teacher to develop a level of interest in students for their work. Educators help students build self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-respect.

“In fact, I wonder how a teacher can be effective without even knowing a little bit about educational psychology. Knowing a specific subject is not enough; understanding your students is the most important thing.”


An evaluation is the process of creating a perception or judgment about something. Evaluation and perception are always determining factors in your learning process.

You can therefore evaluate the outcomes using educational psychology.

“It is impossible for you to learn effectively if you are unaware of the outcomes”.

You may now be familiar with the term “Educational Psychology and its Purpose and Function” after reading this article. Understanding psychology’s use and role in education is now clear to you.

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