Forgetting forever about your complexes!

In today’s world, everyone has their own “cockroaches” in their head. We are all different and unique, but the psychological problems that periodically appear in almost all of us are incredibly similar. What is most interesting, you may not even guess that the neighbor from the third floor, such a confident and pretty young lady, may have some complexes and inner turmoil, but their blunders seem to be visible to everyone. But how to get rid of complexes if they negatively affect your self-esteem and spoil your life?

In a noisy company of unfamiliar people, you feel uncomfortable and uncomfortable; it seems to you that they are not able to perceive you as you are, it seems to you that you are thin or fat, it appears that the boss can not tolerate you, and no young man will not want to have a serious relationship with you, because you are ugly, stupid, too mature and so on (underline the necessary option).

Complexes live in the soul of every person, they can be the most harmless, but if you do not learn to control them and correctly perceive them, cathey n grow to incredible breadth. Because of such complexes, the reality is perceived in a distorted version, it seems to us that those around us perceive us in the form that we invented in our head, but the key word here is “seems”. Exaggerating fictional or real flaws, we are deeply worried and exhausted emotionally and physically, periodically falling into depression and gradually, acquiring psychological traumas. Often their depth is gaining such levels that a person ceases to live normally and fully, all the time trying to adjust to someone, to conform to someone else’s norms and patterns, which completely discourages their individuality and the desire to develop.

Many people are interested in how to get rid of annoying complexes, is it realistic to cope with them and learn to live a simpler life, without the constant feeling of discomfort, fear, embarrassment, and insecurity? Suppressing such strong emotions that constantly cling to our inner ego, of course, is not easy, because they have such a powerful effect on a person that he changes his reactions and behavior by them. However, to get rid of psychological concentration on the negative aspects of your character or body, it is real, the main thing is to understand what caused them, as well as what ways of healing can help in a particular case.

Most psychoanalysts agree that most of the known complexes come from deep childhood. It is not without reason they say that the child psyche – a very unstable and easily wounded concept, which strengthens only during adulthood. One wrong word or phrase, deed, or attitude on the part of adults or peers, can be forever strengthened in the mind of an impressionable child, over time, strengthened and covered with new layers of complexes.

The main thing to get rid of complexes is to believe in yourself!  The existence of such a “wound” may not know even to the closest people, and it will develop, gradually turning into a serious problem. Complexes associated with the rejection of their own body, and appearance, someone who has a short or long nose, small breasts, large feet, or thick thighs, most often, originate in deep childhood. Such a person was not taught to love himself and accept his peculiarities as they are, constantly pointing out that these are real flaws.

There is another kind of complex – acquired along with our fears. We are afraid that we will not be accepted as we are, we are always looking back at some internal “ideals”, in fact, most likely,  not worthy of it.

Don’t push yourself into a corner

If you are constantly afraid to appear in a stupid or unfavorable light in front of your friends or acquaintances, then think, at least for a minute, whether these people are worth your suffering if they are not able to accept you as you are.

Trying to get everyone’s approval, over time, you lose yourself because you will not be good for everyone, and perhaps you do not need to be. When to live for yourself? If these people who care so much about your opinion live for their pleasure, why can not you? Acquired complexes to eradicate much easier than those that were laid with education, because they are rooted so deep that sometimes you can not get them, although, everything is known in comparison.

What are the complexes, and is it worth getting rid of them?

Most people meet approximately one circle of such troubles: they begin with the inferiority complex, which is found in every second and it is from it grows the legs of all the other varieties, and end up with different subspecies, such as the victim complex, guilt complex, loser. Is it worth getting rid of complexes? Of course, it is worth it, you say! Yes, it is true, but do not seek to turn it into a vital necessity and an end in itself. The most important thing is inner harmony and freedom, and some small flaws can sometimes push us to something more or, for example, open us from another side, from the side of personality and individuality. But the inferiority complex can push us to their improvement and self-development, which is also very important and necessary for modern man.

How to get rid of complexes?

What to do to help yourself?  After all, everything is beautiful in words, but in real life again there is an unpleasant feeling of fear and anxiety, discomfort and embarrassment.

1. Love yourself!

Many psychologists say that when you realize the cause of your complexes and find a firm desire to get rid of them is already a great victory over yourself. Most of the problems that we draw in our imagination are far-fetched, so once you understand this and free yourself from the burden, the surrounding life will shine with new colors! Pay attention to your virtues, go to the movies after work to an interesting movie, buy yourself a new book, or take advantage of using casino bonus codes when gambling at the casino.

2. Let’s say goodbye to your complexes

Learn to look at the world from a different angle, and remember that difficulties and failures happen to everyone in life, just someone takes them with dignity and copes with them much easier, thanks to their right attitude. And some perceive every difficulty as the ultimate punishment, with which to cope is completely unrealistic. Stop complaining and self-defeating, fill that space when you were engaged in chewing your problem, with something new, for example, sign up for sports or go to an art class, at the same time and the body will tighten, make new acquaintances, and about complexes will be no time to think about. And open up to the world, become simpler, look at things positively, and speak about people in the best light.

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