Since the emergence of virtual learning methods and social media platforms, technology has entered every student’s life by changing the way that we learn and perceive information. While it is usually beneficial, the progress and a plethora of information often make studies overly chaotic and challenging as students have to learn how certain tools work and manage the challenges of a chosen LMS platform. As a rule, it directly affects student learning outcomes as the influence of technology can either boost or slow down progress. It all comes down to the shifting roles of teachers who still have to guide students to a certain degree as they pursue AI-based solutions or tend to settle down their learning challenges on their own. 

Exploring the Influence of Technology on Student Learning Outcomes

– Easier Access to Information. 

The technology has made it much easier to access information online. It helps to save time and go beyond the usual learning curriculum. Unfortunately, not every student will choose this way and often choose sources appearing in the first lines of search results. It can be both a good and a bad thing, thus affecting relevant learning outcomes. Now, those learners who want to remain unique will look further and use technology to compare and contrast different opinions, especially for research purposes. Alternatively, one may approach experts with a do my essay message, which will mean assistance regarding editing, structuring, and getting help with trustworthy sources. 

– Procrastination Problems. 

Technology has created a significant problem related to procrastination. As we receive assignments online and have to format, submit, edit, and proofread them, we strive to complete every task. Still, it also means that procrastination often becomes an issue as we spend more time online trying to find information compared to what we usually spend writing things down. It is where technology can either help us become more disciplined or become trapped in a myriad of technical features that must be learned to submit things on time. 

– Alerts and Distractions. 

Another issue worth mentioning regarding the use of technology and learning outcomes is the problem of constant alerts and various distractions. These often make learning challenging as we have social media and all types of technology that only bring confusion. Luckily, technology also makes it possible to avoid distractions. Using apps like Forest, Cold Turkey Blocking, or Freedom, one can block social media and finally focus on studies! The same is true for the use of special solutions that can help students become more disciplined. Apps like OneSignal or Google Firebase can help you set all the important reminders and always stay aware of what you have to do and when. 

– Mastering Specific LMS Platforms. 

Technology also makes it easier to learn these days as we have all our data collected in one place. The talk is about modern LMS (Learning Management Systems) platforms like Google Classroom, Socrative, or Blackboard, allowing students to interact with teachers and do homework tasks more easily. Still, there is a learning curve that may not fit every student’s workflow. The trick is to take time to learn how things work to become a power user. It will greatly affect the learning outcomes as learning becomes less stressful and time-consuming. 

– Lack of Social Interaction. 

As most learners spend their time in front of mobile phones, tablets, or laptop computers, poor social interaction is apparent. Although technology allows hosting virtual conferences and talking to fellow students worldwide, it takes away from the basic physical interaction with body language. If we ask an average healthcare or psychology specialist, we are likely to hear about the necessity of tactile communication, where people can express themselves differently. 

– Emotional Bonding. 

Another significant problem faced by students stuck with technology use is the lack of emotional bonding. It is an issue relevant to both younger and older students as they cannot remain focused and do not feel that they belong in the classroom, especially when the talk goes on automation and remote learning methods. Quite a lot will depend on the teacher. While the role of technology in this problem is apparent, every good teacher can help settle it down by coming up with creative ways to learn and feel inspired. 

– Group Projects Online. 

The learning outcomes also depend greatly on the use of group projects in education. Although working in pairs in person helps a great deal, online team assignments are also a great idea that makes it possible to work in a multilingual environment. If the talk goes about cultural points or doing business abroad, students can learn the practical side of things and remain focused on those aspects that can only be learned remotely. The same is true about using smartboards in person, where the technology allows capturing information on the fly. 

ChatGPT: Good or Bad For Your Studies? 

The answers will depend on who you talk to and the perspective you may take. In other words, when you ask most educators, they will be against it since the use of artificial intelligence help often takes away from analysis and the work that a student must do in order to learn. Along come certain plagiarism issues as not every student remains honest. The use of ChatGPT to complete assignments and create final or introductory paragraphs can become an issue! Luckily, such “hacks” can be easily traced and identified with the same use of artificial intelligence. Now, if we ask students about the use of ChatGPT, we shall hear about how the system can help them learn new facts, save time, avoid reading a lengthy boring book, create outlines, and get quick answers. Overall, if the solution is used to boost one’s skills and find inspiration instead of cheating, it can positively contribute to student learning outcomes. 


Ruby Butz is an educator who studies technological impact on students and college professors. As she explores the use of technology in the classroom, she shares her findings and helpful tips. Follow Ruby to learn and pave your way to success. 

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